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Friday 4 February 2011

Yes Man of the Year

  • Will you look after the 49 club, as no-one else can be arsed (and Logic was rubbish at it).....YES!
  • Will you put match posters around the town for the same reason as above.....YES!
  • Will it be implied that you invented the idea of ‘leafleting’ (ignoring the fact that Roger and Jean - plus others - have previously done it without fanfare).....YES!
  • Will you toe the company line (e.g. voting - on your own - in favour of MUSA paying for plasma TV screens in Stripes, whilst the rest of the membership laughed off Rasher’s request) and do ANY thankless task* asked of you.....YES!
  • Will you be more-than-forthcoming in letting everyone and anyone who will listen (and at least three people who won’t) know that you're doing the above.....YES
  • Will you continue to organise and Chair Supporter Action Group meetings, despite the fact that the apparent objectives of this ‘collective’ are exactly the same as MUSA’s (ironic, bearing in mind that it is your continued excuses which, in part, account for the fact that there have been no MUSA meetings for months now).....YES!
  • Will you (as Secretary of MUSA) tailor minutes of a meeting to suit your own argument and then send these to the entire membership without first seeking Committee-approval.....YES!
  • Will you (again, as Secretary of MUSA) unequivocally refuse to back supporters - with genuine grievances against the club - based purely on personal prejudice and without considering the facts or principle involved.....YES YES YES!!!

Congratulations, Cloughie, you are the inaugural GMOSC - in association with T1ME - "Yes Man of the Year"

Pleased? I think we know the answer.....

*thankless tasks depending on who does them, of course

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