"As for Maidenhead, the conga (which was amusing) aside, quite a strange bunch really – some the oddest chants I've ever heard at a football match" ~ localboy86, Amber Planet forum, 26th April 2015

Sunday 20 February 2011

(Black and) White Flag ... plus other bits and bobs

*** Magpies reputation tarnished at Welling?

The behaviour of certain Maidenhead United players and management have come in for a bit of stick on the Welling United forum following our 2-1 defeat at their place yesterday, which put us in the bottom three. Some choice comments:

Maidenhead are absolute filth. They,re giving Braintree a run for their money. I hope Maidenhead go down - horrible team ~ Moo

They only brought one (fan), and the bastard wouldn't stop having a go at the ref! ~ Dogme

Great result. How the ref never sent anyone off is beyond me and how he, or the lino, put up with Maidenhead boss Hippolyte is a mystery. He constantly swore and berated the officials non stop (i was  behind him in the stand in the first half). I know he might have passion, and to be fair he doesn't have a pop at the fans, but he did overstep the mark. Weak officials who should have had a word early on. Team of cloggers ~ Gary H

Yes a Maidenhead player should have been sent off, specifically the spikey haired big lump of **** up front in the number 10 shirt! He was a dirty bastard and shouldn't have made half time. I didn't actually have a problem with anything the Maidenhead manager said, just the frequency of his comments to the referee, and for that reason he should have been sent to the stands. The referee had quite a good game until the later part of the first half, then he totally lost it and put up with Maidenhead's dirty tactics ~ Dogme

To call what we saw from the Maidenhead side today football is an insult to the game. No wonder they have so little support I certainly couldn't watch them week in and week out ~ Bruno

They were a very poor team who just foul and moan at the ref. Their 7 is horrible and 5 aint far behind him ~ JgFc

Horrible team Maidenhead. What a pity they have such a top bloke as Derek Brown on the staff ~ Alan S

Its a shame that Derek Brown who is a a nice guy and was a gifted player has ended up with a team who are simply a bunch of thugs. They would not be ought of place on a Sunday morning representing a pub team. How the 5 stayed on the pitch is beyond me and the fact they subbed the 7 was probably a good move before he took a red card. If Leon Soleman has moved here he would be better off dropping a league to a team who plays football and not basketball ~ Bryan Kings Knee

Maidenhead's lack of discipline even led to their manager instructing his players midway through the second half that any more cautions for dissent would lead to a fine of one week's wages ~ kentonline

They were out and out thugs - no other term comes close... let's hope justice takes it's course and Maidenhead go play in the Ryman where they belong ~ Cynical

Obviously there are (at least) two sides to every story - Stevie G's thoughts on the game are here - but our antics at Park View Road certainly provoked a strong response.

I will note that some players mentioned (number 10 was Alex Wall, for example, and number 5 Jermaine Hinds) have a history. And our disciplinary record under Drax has been poor for a number of seasons. As for the manager apparently swearing, repeatedly, at the match officials, can we assume that Mark Steward (who wasted little or no time writing, on behalf of the club, to the 'Ebbsfleet 3' after our ejections on the opening day) will be having a strong word in the manager's ear?

A metaphorical tongue-up-the-backside is more likely.

*** Stopped Caring: My final word(s) on Ebbsfleet

As it is, I'm conscious that my recent MUFC Ltd-specific postings on here have perhaps been overwhelmingly and disproportionately negative. I imagine people have become as bored about reading the post-Ebbsfleet bad vibes as I have about writing them. As such, I have decided to belatedly draw a line and vow that this will be the final post to mention the 'E' word.

Do I feel we were treated harshly by the EUFC stewards at the ground and subsequently by the MUFC Ltd Board ? Yes.

Do I feel let down by the subsequent attitudes of certain members of the MUSA committee? Yes.

Do I think deciding to abstain from attending league games at York Road in protest was/ is the correct course of action? Yes.

Do I want MUFC Ltd to lose games and get relegated? No.

Trevor Kingham was a passionate QPR fan, but he walked away from the club he loved in the early 1990s out of principle (he was unhappy with the introduction of all-seater stadia). Having taken the time to think about the stand (geddit?!) that TK made - and also about Stevie G's comment on his blog that I need to put things into perspective - I have decided to put this blog's title into practice.

As such, I have written to MUFC Ltd to transfer my (handful of) shares to MUSA (the current incarnation I co-founded in 2006). I will resign from the MUSA committee and won't renew my membership next season. I also won't be attending the upcoming MUFC Ltd AGM or the MUSA open meeting. I will refrain from posting what Stevie G calls "emotive polemics based on half-truths and rumours" on the MUFC Ltd forum. In fact, I'll refrain from posting full stop if I can help it and will *try* to bite my tongue, as it were, if/ when Drax continues his "Taylor-isms" in the Advertiser. Go Mad or Stop Caring. For the sake of my sanity, it'll have to  be the latter.

*** Darti 'Scrappy-Doo' Brown at it again

So then, what to write about instead ...

How's about the embarrassing tantrums of ex-Maidenhead United captain Darthaniel 'Darti' Brown?

In his younger days, by all accounts, Darti was an all-action, box-to-box midfielder and inspirational captain of Drax's successful Yeading side. During his time at York Road, however, he was more likely to be seen hands-on-hips in the centre circle, moaning. At the Ref. At the opposition. At his teammates. For England. I was surprised but definitely not disappointed when Drax allowed his on-field lieutenant to leave (for Staines Town, as it happens) the summer before last. I don't think I was the only one to view his departure with a sense of "good riddance".

United drew 1-1 at Staines in August 2009. Darti came on as a sub for the home side. As the game was winding down to the final whistle, he was to mis-control a ball out of play right in front of the travelling fans (four of whom had, incidentally, walked the c. 14 miles or so between the towns to the game in aid of charity). A shout of "You've still got it then, Darti" was clearly audible, followed by more than a knowing guffaws.

Always an 'excitable' character, it was certainly no shock to see the ageing yellow-card magnet completely overreact. While virtually foaming at the mouth and squinting to try and make us out - Glasses required? That might explain some of his wayward passes! - he was to repeatedly swear and 'offer us out', even as the ball was back in play.

The referee soon called time on the game and, after checking there were sufficient people between him and the travelling support, Darti 'attempted' to come over, ranting uncontrollably whilst - rather conveniently - being held back. "Lemme at 'em! Lemme at 'em!" he yelped - in a perfect impression of Scrappy-Doo - before being ushered away, arms failing, by Bobby Behzadi and the Staines Town physio, among others.

"See you in the bar" was his parting threat. Was he aware, I wonder, that the clubhouse was closed for supporters due to a private party? Probably.

"You're sub in a sh!tty team" was the loud and repeated chant during the return game at York Road (a 2-1 home win, largely thanks to the erratic keeping of ex-Magpie Louis Wells). I don't think Darti left the dugout.

Anyway, earlier today, I stumbled across the following threads on Cardsweb and Conf South concerning yesterday's Woking vs Staines Town match-up. No prizes for guessing whom the following comments are about!

One of their subs warming up (or attempting) couldn't take the banter and started swearing and giving the two fingers. He then started on a fan walking past and the steward stepped in. Went on for a while untill the player was taken away still giving it the "Ali G Staines masssivveee". Basically a twat who can't handle loosing ~ Cardinal cavey

The sub was the one who was giving it the big 'un at Staines earlier in the season. When he was given some back, he didn't like it. If you can't take it mate, don't dish it out. Great pantomime entertainment though! Spotters Badge

He was all puff and bluster. At one point the steward lost contact with him and he was free to get stuck in, instead he moved closer the steward, wanting to be restrained. Comedy Gold! ~ Spotters Badge

the stewards appeared to find it utterly ridiculous - it was definitely a case of 'hold me back'... if his effort on the pitch matched his effort off the pitch, no wonder he was an unused sub ~ Spoon

Embarrassing. Get yourself involved in a cheap row with fans whilst warming up and then play the race card? Disgusting ~ Kanu's Nan

*** Prediction & Positivity

FWIW, my gut feeling is that United will get at least a point on Tuesday night at home against Woking (assuming, of course, that the pitch passes any inspection and the match goes ahead). I might even bet on it (although I did get ID'd in the bookies the other day, just months before my 30th birthday!). Furthermore, I'm very much looking forward to my next Magpies away game, confidently predict that we won't finish in the bottom three, and expect Drax to lead us to a second successive B&B Cup win. And, yes, I am humming a certain D:Ream song as I write this!

Come on, you Magpies!

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Lenny Baryea said...

“my gut feeling is that United will get at least a point on Tuesday night, at home against Woking... I might even put a bet on”

Good job, in hindsight, that I kept my money in my pocket!

I blame the Ref. And injuries. And the pitch. And bad luck. And...

;- )

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