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Monday 13 April 2015

Fifteen to One

A little over three years ago - ahead of Fancy Dresslemania XII at Dover Athletic (who, incidentally, host Bristol Rovers in a vital league game this coming Saturday) - I wrote a retrospective blog post covering the KSG's annual fancy dress exploits up to that point.

With less than two weeks to go until 'FDXV: Back Where It All Began', I thought it an appropriate time to share some photos I discovered whilst moving home before Christmas. Images that were unavailable to me when writing the aforementioned post (I instead used a photograph of Mr Logic presenting Willie with a wedding gift, showcasing his various costumes over the years). Anyway, please forgive the poor-quality scans ...

^^^ We used a hire shop in Langley in those days. Fancy dress and internet shopping were nowhere near as commonplace as now.

^^^ Macleod (C) as Bernie Clifton. I, for one, am looking forward to the Bernie/ Yaya Clifton chants, a la Kolo/ Yaya Toure, at GGL later this month.

^^^ Willie as Donald Duck.

^^^ Mr Blobby.

^^^ Aye, aye, sailor!

^^^ On the terraces (with Keith, Gordon, and Steve Croxford's Dad, among others).

^^^ Donald and Blobby were the last to leave at the final whistle.

^^^ Post-match beers; group shot (ft. Paddy and Seamus).

^^^ Willie and me. Honest. Costumes covering faces would soon be a thing of the past ... as it makes drinking more difficult if nothing else!

^^^ A youthful-looking Willie.

^^^ Head in hands. He was probably upset that he didn't get Sutton Sal's phone number! Fast forward fifteen years, and he is a father and a married man. And she, I believe, is a married lady. Time flies. Another fifteen? We'll see. Regardless, 25th April - with the Gandermonium crew to boot - should be good fun. (UPDATE: It was!)

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