In August 2010 three Maidenhead United fans were banned from attending home games, by a kangaroo court, for crimes they didn't commit.
These men promptly encountered a jobsworth security blockade, and so escaped to the non-league underground.
Today, still stigmatised by the MUFC Ltd hierarchy, they survive as supporters of fancy.
If you enjoy a train away day - and if you can find them - then maybe you can share a drink with ... the K-team!

Friday, 13 March 2015

Can you tell what it is yet?

Underlying problem, eh?

Yeah, there must be.

Surely everyone – even CWKHF – now recognises the common denominator.

(And no, I'm not blaming Rolf for our poor form)

PS. Anyone else heard the 'Return of the Dev' rumour? Not sure how I'd feel about that; big fan of his, obviously, but they do say 'What is past is past. Never go back' ... at the end of the day ;-)

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