"As for Maidenhead, the conga (which was amusing) aside, quite a strange bunch really – some the oddest chants I've ever heard at a football match" ~ localboy86, Amber Planet forum, 26th April 2015

Monday 24 September 2012

Magic of the Cup *hic*

Maidenhead United 4-2 Bognor Regis Town

A decent result for the Magpies, on Saturday, against Bognor Regis Town in the FA Cup (and Didcot Town away, in the next round, is a more-than-satisfactory reward).

Match details elsewhere.

Dublin resident Macleod (C) was back in the Royal County for a Christening (not his). I met him in the Anchor Swanky Danky cocktail bar at lunchtime and we consumed an epic a foolish amount of Guinness (ahead of Arthur’s Day, later this week, co-incidentally).

A monstrous hangover still lingers ...

As such, I'll keep words to a minimum (is that cheering, I can hear?) and instead allow pictures - a handful of which were uploaded to Tw@tter on the day, using my phone, after the KSG's Technology Correspondent showed me how - to, hopefully, tell the story ...

^^^ Ebbsfleet three down. They would go on to lose 4-2. Good. 

^^^ Breach!

^^^ Messrs Chandler and Urry look on, pensively.

^^^ View of the Bell End. We stood behind the dugouts as the game neared its conclusion. Drax swore more times, in this 10-15 mins or so period, than I/we did at Ebbsfleet. Right in front of the Chairman as well. #familyclubmyarse

^^^ View of the Canal End. 'Easy-on-the-eye' BRTFC physio out of shot. Sadly.

^^^ Probably tweeting fawning congratulations to 'Mad Dog' Martin Allen on another three points for Gillingham. Seconds after this photo was taken, Messrs Steward and Swan would be shaking hands. The latter still alive then ...

^^^ Pointing out to Hensonovich that Villa were losing!

^^^ Barmaid better at pouring pints than taking photos, thankfully.

^^^ Impressive Fosters logo medallion. I wonder whether it'll catch on, like the Beastie Boys' VW logo chains in the 80s ...

^^^ Stripes has been stripped bare. This is about the only photo frame left ... and it's there to cover up a hole! At least it's a good one (the photo frame, not the hole).

^^^ Clearly not everyone was thrilled by the MUFC win.

^^^ The Maidenhead United FC Hall of Fame.

^^^ Away fans soaking up the sun.

^^^ The legendary Jack Pearce gets hearty applause.

^^^ BRTFC players in the bar.

^^^ MUFC players in the bar. Legendary kitman Jon Urry serenaded with a rendition of 'Happy Birthday'.

^^^ Macleod (C) with the birthday boy. Present? He'd like any (presumably unused?) sick bags from now-defunct airlines. Seriously.

^^^ 17:45 - less than an hour after the final whistle - and, aside from Dereck 'Grandad' Brown (and us two), Stripes was totally deserted. Drax probably still giving players marks out of ten in the dressing room. #professional

^^^ Youth team player Kyle Lucas (above, left) made an appearance as a late substitute (his debut?). We spoke to at him on the way out of the ground and he seemed a nice lad. It was suggested that @maidenheadutd would sponsor him - and money was about to be passed over in the Anchor - before a debate ensued and the cash was re-pocketed. Indignation prevails - rightly or wrongly - regarding MUSA's perceived lack of support, post-Ebbsfleet.

^^^ Saturday night in the Anchor, post-MUFC home game = smiles all round. #justlikeoldtimes

^^^ AVFC a recent addition - pride o' place above the bar - to the still-burgeoning scarf mural. #southampton, #sirrickielambert

^^^ The programme was a decent read; the best I can remember, actually. Buy one.

^^^ Jonny Wah Wah laughed at what I was wearing (Black Arabs 1883 retro shirt; a recent birthday gift from the wife) when I first walked into the pub. #pot, #kettle, #black ;-)

^^^ Macleod (C) on the jukebox. Educated Left Foot has his head in his hands. Unrelated events? Possibly not. #philcollins, #eltonjohn, #wham

^^^ Guest author of the reasonably accurate @gomadstopcaring half-time report. #rantzone

^^^ Anchor barmaid and MUSA Chairman. Job swap anyone?

^^^ Macleod (M) wasn't even drunk, believe it or not?! 

As you can see, it was a long but enjoyable day (for some more so than others!)

The photo of Bobby P, further up, reminded me of the following video:

He once said to me - recorded in another video, I think - "Life; live it" 
 Sound advice, Bob, sound advice. 

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