"As for Maidenhead, the conga (which was amusing) aside, quite a strange bunch really – some the oddest chants I've ever heard at a football match" ~ localboy86, Amber Planet forum, 26th April 2015

Tuesday 16 August 2011

Don't Panic!

We shouldn't let our results thus far this season ...

13/08/11 - Maidenhead United 0-4 Tonbridge Angels
16/08/11 - Dorchester Town 4-0 Maidenhead United

... overly concern us; we're still not as bad as we were under Taylor.

"Last time Maidenhead went down they were losing 5-0 each week, 
but that hasn't happened this season"

Johnson Hippolyte, Maidenhead Advertiser, Friday 25th March 2011

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