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Wednesday 18 February 2015

Plodding along

I belatedly read last week's Advertiser; written after our 3-2 defeat *at* Basingstoke (apparently they were 'bloody lucky'; the referee 'killed us' as usual) but before 2-0 win over 'profligate' - Nb. not Drax's description - Chelmsford (our first three points of 2015; of course *we* weren't lucky, no siree!) and last night's 3-0 home drubbing *by* Basingstoke (< insert excuse here >)

Anyway, the main article inside the back page finishes with the manager stating that we'll keep 'plodding along'.

Drax in 'spot on' shocker!!! ;-)

It feels, to me at least, like we've been plodding along for years ...

P.S. I love the headline re the cancellation of the U18 game. 'Youths frozen out again'. Twas ever thus!

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