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Monday 30 July 2012

If you build it, they will come

Ignore the fact that the above is a popular misquotation; the line from the Kevin Costner film - ‘Field of Dreams’ - is actually “if you build it, he will come” < insert obvious joke here >

Also ignore the fact that a more precise title for this post might be “If you build it, we will actually be able to get promoted from the division we are playing in ...which would render our participation in the competition far less frivolous than it has been” (Too verbose?)

Anyway, to the point - I was pleased to read last week that “MUFC are investigating replacing the existing stand on the railway side”

This very project was foremost in our thoughts (or my thoughts, at least) when the MUSA committee proposed, during a face-to-face meeting with the Chairman in the summer of 2009, that a certain percentage of the allocated playing budget instead be ring-fenced for ground improvements. The direct response was – and I quote – “I would rather spend money on players like Ashley Nicholls”

Three years down the line - with goodness knows how much cash spent (for what gain?), in the meantime, on the likes of Nicholls (decent enough player, don’t get me wrong) - and we’re finally at the  ‘investigating’ stage?!

There was a time, not so long ago, when the club were ‘investigating’ moving from York Road (or paying some consultants to investigate, on their behalf). 

More recently, the club were ‘investigating’ building an entirely new stand on the dugout-side of the ground (an artist’s impression - lacking perspective - was unveiled, to some fanfare, at a MUSA AGM ...in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were still pinned-up on the notice board in Stripes!).

All the while, second-hand (or second-arse) seats were presumably available from (soon-to-be or recently demolished/renovated) stadiums in Swansea, Wolverhampton, Scotland and elsewhere.  

Time and money wasted, IMO. Again and again. 

Hey ho. Better late than never, as the saying goes, and credit where it’s due. I, for one, would be happy if the decrepit Railway-side Stand were ever replaced (properly) with a new one containing 500 shiny, black and white seats. Very happy. Far happier than if we were to sign Lionel Messi or (more flippantly, if that were possible?!) Richard Pacquette. And the seats wouldn’t even need to be shiny! 

Forgive me, though, if I don’t hold my breath. 

On the subject of ‘credit where it’s due’, I must also comment that - as per the recent photo albums uploaded to the Mothership - York Road is currently looking as smart as can be expected. Fair play to those individuals who – through their time and/or money - have made it so. 

PS > Harrow Borough 1-3 Maidenhead United. Perhaps we’ve finally addressed our ‘lack of fitness’ issue?! At what price, though? Two training pitches at Bisham Abbey, two sessions a week. Cost per pitch for two hours? 150 quid. You do the math(s)...

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