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Thursday 30 June 2011

SuperMan Returns

We needed a proven goalscorer - as we did last summer - and have finally got one. The thing is, SuperMan, like Craig O’Connor before him, looked a pale shadow of his former self when he re-joined the first time. I suppose that he was only on loan then, though ...

Reading the H&W forum it seems no surprise to their fans that Williams has gone, with another ex-Magpie - Mustafa Tiryaki - set to follow him out of the exit door.

The former endured an injury-ravaged season last year and his agent has apparently been “hawking him around every club in the league”. He was expected to sign for Sutton. His love of MUFC obviously swung things, though, in our favour ;-) 

As for Tiryaki, he has reportedly been watched by Championship clubs, but seemingly displayed a poor attitude and suspect temperament, at times.

Quotes from this week's Advertiser article concerning Williams' return to York Road can, methinks, be de-codified as follows:

Hippolyte had been in talks with the star striker for a number of weeks, but the move was held up by a slight snag

Manny was asking for more money than our proposed budget would allow

“We've been watching closely while he's been speaking to bigger clubs in our league, but luckily we've managed to convince him to come back home”

The so-called bigger clubs decided that he wasn't worth the money / We decided to cave in and pay him the extra cash he wanted

“If he stays injury-free he'll score 15 to 20 goals next season”

He hasn't been the same since his recent bout of injuries, hence why H&W were prepared to let him leave and their fans not overly concerned to see him go. Still, fingers crossed!


After Williams' stupendous first spell at the club I bought a black Superman t-shirt, on a whim, from Primark or some such store. I wore it once, to the Anchor, at which time the Macleods pointed out that it was a ladies t-shirt. I haven't worn it since. 

Like all Magpie fans, I hope that Superman 3 more closely resembles Superman 1, than Superman 2. Even if that is the case (and Manny bags another 30 goals next season) I can, to everyone's relief I'm sure, guarantee that the t-shirt (as seen below) won't be making a re-appearance!

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