In August 2010 three Maidenhead United fans were banned from attending home games, by a kangaroo court, for crimes they didn't commit.
These men promptly encountered a jobsworth security blockade, and so escaped to the non-league underground.
Today, still stigmatised by the MUFC Ltd hierarchy, they survive as supporters of fancy.
If you enjoy a train away day - and if you can find them - then maybe you can share a drink with ... the K-team!

Monday, 21 March 2011

No such thing as bad publicity

Or so they say ...

Independent link #2

(a) His Royal Highness Prince Frederick von Saxe-Lauenberg

(b) George Galloway

(c) Sid Halpern


noddy said...


noddy said...

for pointing out the similarities between HRH, George and Sid who actually is Sidolph Frederick Victor Willem-Carl as I have found out today. Lenny I don't know you but can I ask you why would we be interested in this trivia?

Lenny Baryea said...

Windsor & Eton had Prince Philip.

Maidenhead United had Prince Sid.

Nuff said.

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