"As for Maidenhead, the conga (which was amusing) aside, quite a strange bunch really – some the oddest chants I've ever heard at a football match" ~ localboy86, Amber Planet forum, 26th April 2015

Saturday 29 September 2012

"I'm a W@nky season ticket holder, so you should be grateful I'm coming to patronise you ... "

October is very nearly upon us. As is the third annual 'non league day', due to take place on the 13th (Maidenhead United vs Weston-super-Mare). Non league day actually came up in email conversation, earlier this week, when someone - who, unlike me, has access to the MUFC Ltd forum - sent a screenshot of a recent thread. 

Background: a couple of weeks ago a W@nky Wanderers season ticket holder had seemingly posted on the forum to say that he had, last season, visited York Road "8 or 9 times and paid the concession rate upon production of my Wwfc season ticket". 

"At the Farnboro game this was queried although l still got in at the concession rate. I was told to speak to a bloke called Mark who said reduced admission wasn't a regular thing. Mark said he would bring it up at a meeting last week and post the reply on the forum"

As replies from various posters discussed the pros and cons of season ticket holders of other clubs getting discounted entry, a response from the Spin Doctor clarified the official line ... 

"The club have never offered concessions to other club's season ticket holders apart from one off promotions such as non league day which the club will again be taking part in - details to follow at the weekend" 

Fast forward to the aforementioned screenshot ... 

The accompanying email conversation with my 'spy' went as per below. It ended with him stating "another blog post is complete". Why not, I thought, why not ... 

SPY - 

"I'm a W@nky season ticker holder, so you should be grateful I'm coming to patronise you ... "



Although ... 

Perhaps he needs to work on how to get his point(s) across - which, coming from me, is #potkettleblack - but his general one is, methinks, valid enough. 

SPY - 

It is and it isn't. 

If his point is that he doesn't think watching MUFC is worth a tenner, he's right. That is exclusive of his ST status at another club who, *if* I were an MUFC ST holder, would laugh in my face when I told them I wanted half price entry. 

Yes WWFC are bigger than MUFC, but they also still need all the support they can get. 

What's the difference? 


Well a number of lower league clubs - maybe W@nky, I don't know - run incentives whereby ST holders of other (usually higher) league clubs can get in at reduced rates. 

His point is, I think, that MUFC Ltd and clubs like them cannot have it both ways - his reference here to the rather patronising Non League Day is apt. 

I don't like the attitude of W@nky and Reading fans thinking we owe them some sort of gratitude - and, in my experience, several of them do - but I don't see anything wrong in offering ST holders of these clubs discounted entry if we are genuinely interested in increasing attendances. 

Perhaps more pertinently, Maidenhead seemingly doing this ... then not doing this ... then denying they were ever doing this ... then considering doing this ... sums the club up rather nicely! 

#arsefromelbow, #noddy


Monday 24 September 2012

Magic of the Cup *hic*

Maidenhead United 4-2 Bognor Regis Town

A decent result for the Magpies, on Saturday, against Bognor Regis Town in the FA Cup (and Didcot Town away, in the next round, is a more-than-satisfactory reward).

Match details elsewhere.

Dublin resident Macleod (C) was back in the Royal County for a Christening (not his). I met him in the Anchor Swanky Danky cocktail bar at lunchtime and we consumed an epic a foolish amount of Guinness (ahead of Arthur’s Day, later this week, co-incidentally).

A monstrous hangover still lingers ...

As such, I'll keep words to a minimum (is that cheering, I can hear?) and instead allow pictures - a handful of which were uploaded to Tw@tter on the day, using my phone, after the KSG's Technology Correspondent showed me how - to, hopefully, tell the story ...

^^^ Ebbsfleet three down. They would go on to lose 4-2. Good. 

^^^ Breach!

^^^ Messrs Chandler and Urry look on, pensively.

^^^ View of the Bell End. We stood behind the dugouts as the game neared its conclusion. Drax swore more times, in this 10-15 mins or so period, than I/we did at Ebbsfleet. Right in front of the Chairman as well. #familyclubmyarse

^^^ View of the Canal End. 'Easy-on-the-eye' BRTFC physio out of shot. Sadly.

^^^ Probably tweeting fawning congratulations to 'Mad Dog' Martin Allen on another three points for Gillingham. Seconds after this photo was taken, Messrs Steward and Swan would be shaking hands. The latter still alive then ...

^^^ Pointing out to Hensonovich that Villa were losing!

^^^ Barmaid better at pouring pints than taking photos, thankfully.

^^^ Impressive Fosters logo medallion. I wonder whether it'll catch on, like the Beastie Boys' VW logo chains in the 80s ...

^^^ Stripes has been stripped bare. This is about the only photo frame left ... and it's there to cover up a hole! At least it's a good one (the photo frame, not the hole).

^^^ Clearly not everyone was thrilled by the MUFC win.

^^^ The Maidenhead United FC Hall of Fame.

^^^ Away fans soaking up the sun.

^^^ The legendary Jack Pearce gets hearty applause.

^^^ BRTFC players in the bar.

^^^ MUFC players in the bar. Legendary kitman Jon Urry serenaded with a rendition of 'Happy Birthday'.

^^^ Macleod (C) with the birthday boy. Present? He'd like any (presumably unused?) sick bags from now-defunct airlines. Seriously.

^^^ 17:45 - less than an hour after the final whistle - and, aside from Dereck 'Grandad' Brown (and us two), Stripes was totally deserted. Drax probably still giving players marks out of ten in the dressing room. #professional

^^^ Youth team player Kyle Lucas (above, left) made an appearance as a late substitute (his debut?). We spoke to at him on the way out of the ground and he seemed a nice lad. It was suggested that @maidenheadutd would sponsor him - and money was about to be passed over in the Anchor - before a debate ensued and the cash was re-pocketed. Indignation prevails - rightly or wrongly - regarding MUSA's perceived lack of support, post-Ebbsfleet.

^^^ Saturday night in the Anchor, post-MUFC home game = smiles all round. #justlikeoldtimes

^^^ AVFC a recent addition - pride o' place above the bar - to the still-burgeoning scarf mural. #southampton, #sirrickielambert

^^^ The programme was a decent read; the best I can remember, actually. Buy one.

^^^ Jonny Wah Wah laughed at what I was wearing (Black Arabs 1883 retro shirt; a recent birthday gift from the wife) when I first walked into the pub. #pot, #kettle, #black ;-)

^^^ Macleod (C) on the jukebox. Educated Left Foot has his head in his hands. Unrelated events? Possibly not. #philcollins, #eltonjohn, #wham

^^^ Guest author of the reasonably accurate @gomadstopcaring half-time report. #rantzone

^^^ Anchor barmaid and MUSA Chairman. Job swap anyone?

^^^ Macleod (M) wasn't even drunk, believe it or not?! 

As you can see, it was a long but enjoyable day (for some more so than others!)

The photo of Bobby P, further up, reminded me of the following video:

He once said to me - recorded in another video, I think - "Life; live it" 
 Sound advice, Bob, sound advice. 

Monday 10 September 2012

8 (E I G H T)

In the Pond House on Saturday evening - ahead of a visit to a nearby curry house to celebrate my birthday with family and friends - and someone at the bar mentioned that Maidenhead United had lost 8-0. Without checking, I knew the scoreline might be correct, but it wouldn't have been the Magpies on the end of such a battering. Not against Truro City, who had finally gone into Administration earlier in the week and deducted ten points.

Some thoughts:

  1. I've read conflicting reports regarding what extent Truro's financial problems affected their team selection. Regardless, first-choice keeper Tim Sandercombe definitely played. He was instrumental in the Magpies' 2-1 win in Cornwall last September, throwing in one - arguably both - of our goals. I note he also gave away a penalty at York Road on Saturday. The new Ryan Northmore? I doubt Truro's Youth team keeper can be much worse.
  2. It became clear during our visit last year that there was some disquiet (to put it mildly) among the home support re then-Chairman Kevin Heaney. You didn't need to be a genius to surmise that - like Colne Dynamoes, Newbury Town and others - it would end in tears.
  3. Paul Semakula and Reece Tison-Lascaris (the latter with a hat trick) among the Maidenhead goals - remarkably, all bar one of them coming in the second half! Semakula seems to have a welcome knack for scoring from midfield, while RTL stood out in several games I saw last season. RTL the best of a talented crop of York Road youngsters?
  4. One report I've seen lists the attendance as 374. Most - including the national Sunday papers - state 274, however. I doubt many will have travelled from Cornwall, but the latter would still be a rather disappointing figure.
  5. I recall Maidenhead conceding eight before, at Bognor Regis Town (more on them later) in November 2005, but never scoring eight. Apparently, it is our biggest win since Bishop's Stortford were hit for 9 (N I N E) in April 1971, with future Hall of Famer Mick Chatterton bagging five.
  6. United now up to third in the table, sandwiched between fellow non-league giants Dorchester Town and Boreham Wood (#conferencesouthgettingstrongermyarse). Talk on Tw@tter about 'dizzy new heights', but we topped the table early on during the 2008/09 season. It was around this time that Mark Steward imposed upon a MUSA AGM with a 'sponsor-a-seat' proposal. Expect this master plan to be regurgitated if our excellent form continues (#saynotoseatsonthebellend).
  7. There were other eye-catching results in the division on Saturday, e.g. Dover's sub-standard home form continuing with a 1-0 defeat against HAYU and strongly-fancied pre-season favourites Eastleigh getting thumped 4-0 at Billericay. They languish in 9th and 16th place, respectively. There is no doubt in my mind that Drax would have both of these clubs promoted, probably at a canter. Unfortunately for them, multiple contract extensions mean he's now tied to the York Road dugout until 2031 ... or thereabouts.
  8. However, this campaign is still in its infancy. Last season we were also doing reasonably well until our FA Cup run distracted us from the bread and butter of the league. Talking of the FA Cup, the draw for the 2nd Qualifying Round was this lunchtime; Bognor Regis Town at home. Massive yawn. Still, I suppose another 8-0 win would finally avenge the aforementioned 8-1 defeat in 2005. I might spend some of my birthday money, on a cheeky wager, just in case ...

Tuesday 4 September 2012

Loser FC slash budget

I was at a wedding reception, on Saturday afternoon, at the Combermere Barracks in Windsor (the day as a whole was very enjoyable, BTW).

While the official photographs were being taken outside, in the September sunshine, cheers could be heard from nearby Slag Meadow as Loser FC celebrated another goal during their 6-0 victory over Croydon FC (another MUFC Ltd foe of relatively-recent vintage).

It transpires that the players and management were then told, immediately after the game, that the budget was to be withdrawn.

Most, if not all of them, will presumably be off following this Saturday’s FA Cup game with Didcot Town (added intrigue provided by the fact that the soon-to-be-former Loser manager, Keith Scott, is already being linked with the vacant hot-seat at the Oxfordshire club).

The reasons given by Kevin Stott - the Loser Chairman 'Founding Director' - to explain the not-insignificant budget reduction appear to be reasonable:

"We have taken the view that our management and financial resources would be best spent at this time on the regeneration of the Stag Meadow in order to create the self-sustaining income streams."

"Once this is achieved and our legacy is in place we can then revisit the plan to create a flagship first team that will also help inspire the footballers of the future."

Forgive me if I refrain from lavishing further praise, however, bearing in mind that we've heard this type of thing before, from Mr Stott, while the timing - so soon after the beginning of the season - seems rather odd.

Once again, he may well have said the right things (IMO) in the paper but, as aforementioned in the previously-linked-to blog post, talk - like the bar prices at the Barracks, and the new Loser FC playing squad - is rather cheap.

Sunday 2 September 2012

Why, of course!

Did our luck change yesterday, at Eastbourne Borough, I wonder? 

The injury to Michael Pook might suggest not.

Looks like we're gonna find out the answer.

Anyone know what Jermaine Hinds is up to, these days?