"As for Maidenhead, the conga (which was amusing) aside, quite a strange bunch really – some the oddest chants I've ever heard at a football match" ~ localboy86, Amber Planet forum, 26th April 2015

Saturday 24 December 2011

Season's Greetings!

Christmas time is here again
And Santa's on his sleigh
More chance he'll stop and shower gifts
Than Maidenhead win away*

Sing 'Silent Night', invite him in
For mince pies and a sherry
Go easy on the mistletoe
As it might be the MUSA Sec-re-tary!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from GMOSC!


*Again (following last weekend's win at Salisbury City!)

Friday 23 December 2011

Away Day Diary: Salisbury City 0-2 Maidenhead United (17/12/11)

^^^ The crowd was announced as 672 ... I think that 158 was closer to the true amount!

Salisbury City, along with Maidenhead United, regularly featured prominently in 'Top Five Away Day' lists on the now (temporarily?) defunct Conference South forum. Despite the ground being out of town, it is not hard to understand why. On the less-than-ten-minute walk from the train station to the High Street - down Fisherton Street - we were to pass approximately four pubs (of varying quality), two licensed sex shops and about ten (no exaggeration, honest!) Indian restaurants.

^^^ Down with this sort of thing! #1

After a quick pint in the King's Head (Wetherspoons), where Craig and I discussed the (perceived) pros and cons of Scottish independence, we headed to a far superior Greene King pub opposite (called the Mill and, I'm sure, very popular in summertime). Here the relatively high-brow conversation continued with the welfare state, among other topics, extensively debated. All we needed was a C-list celeb, a chin-stroking Guardian-reading leftie, David Dimbleby and a cherry-picked-by-the-BBC studio audience, in order to have our very own edition of Question Time!

As aforementioned, Salisbury's current ground - the 1997-built  Raymond McEnhill Stadium - is out-of-town. In fact, our taxi ride from the city centre took over ten minutes. The taxi driver - who seemed to have little or no interest in football - pointed out the location of Salisbury's former home, the iron age hill fort of Old Sarum itself and also mentioned that we were less than ten miles from Stonehenge, before dropping us off outside the ground entrance.

The ground was situated at the end of Partridge Way (A-ha!), a road which slalomed through a soul-less, indentikit housing development. The driver mentioned that the football club could soon be on the move again, with the housing estate likely to be expanded in the near future. It quickly became apparent that most Salisbury City fans, certainly those of sound mind, will surely jump at the chance to up sticks.

The expansive car park that greeted us (which, along with the industrial plant in the distance - and the car tyres that rather bizarrely surrounded the pitch - brought back memories of Berwick Rangers' Shielfield Park) contained countless large potholes and it was clear that the ground was one that 'ticked the boxes', but not a lot else. One clubhouse/main stand (containing, I assume, the very minimum number of seats required), one covered terrace and that, basically, was it.

Our MUFC Ltd away games this season have included Truro, Weston and now Salisbury. When I say that Weston's is probably the best ground of the bunch, then you get an idea of how poorly I rate Truro and Salisbury (although the latter not nearly as bad as the former, it must be said).

Having paid a barely believable £13 to get in ("£13, you're having a laugh"), taken the usual array of 'joyless regulation' photos, chatted amiably with the stewards and queued for a (decent) burger and chips, it was time to join the other travelling Magpies, on the covered terrace, behind the goal we were attacking (in amongst the majority of the home fans who, understandably, didn't move but, fortunately, weren't nearly as sensitive nor unreasonable as those who hadn't changed ends at Ebbsfleet last season).

^^^ Down with this sort of thing! #2

^^^ Greek plumbing, presumably

^^^ "Steve didn't really travel away much (except glorious FA Cup days) ... Forget the premier league stars, these guys play for the love of the game not the money" LOL!

^^^ Rasher's wet dream

^^^ Net about to bulge (not once, but twice)

Amazingly, United were two up before I had chance to finish my lunch; the goals coming within two minutes of each other around the midway point of the first half. Like at Truro (another west country team with a cr@p ground - who play in white - and who lost to a yellow and blue-kitted MUFC Ltd), the opening goal was a complete gift from the home side's keeper. "Oh oh oh, makes me wanna dance" exclaimed the MMS. Tut, tut. This chant should only be sung when United are 2-0 up, as per Halifax Town away, when it was first coined. Logic noticed my scorn; "We have to make allowances," he tentatively pleaded "as we hardly ever take the lead in a game these days, let alone 2-0".

No sooner than he'd said that ...

The second was a great goal as well; the much (and harshly?)-maligned Jermaine Hinds winning a 50/50 and playing a neat pass to the impressive Reece Tison-Lascaris, who beat his man and sliced open the defence with a through-ball to Richard Pacquette. With only the hapless keeper to beat, Pac-Man executed a superb, deft chip to stun the home crowd. I now joined in with the Modern Romance song, and the subsequent mickey-taking of the surrounding home fans ("Are You M@rlow in disguise", "Can we play you every week", "How sh!t must you be ... ", "You should have gone Christmas shopping" etc.)

As hoped, but not expected (by me, at least), it was a case of 'After the Lord Mayor's Show' for Salisbury City, fresh (or not, as it transpired) from their 3-2 AET FA Cup win at Grimsby Town in midweek. They looked shell-shocked, not surprising seeing as Maidenhead hadn't won in the league since beating Havant & Waterlooville at York Road on Tuesday 13th September! One of their unused subs (I think) got his marching orders, while players surrounded the Ref and there was a chorus of boos (largely for the officials, although I'm not really sure why) as the teams departed the pitch at the break.

^^^ The biggest flag on display, sadly, as there was nowhere to hang Murdo's black and white one

The scoreboard was impressive (and the score-line it showed was a welcome sight) but the uncovered end inhabited by the away fans during the second half emphasised what we were quickly coming to conclude; that the Raymond McEnhill Stadium is an underdeveloped sh!thole. The wind was absolutely freezing, while the persistent swearing of a certain MUFC Ltd fan was moronic and embarrassing. Director Stevie G and the Chairman must've heard it, but neither said anything. Pathetic. Simple as that. To think that we got ejected at Ebbsfleet - and then banned from York Road - for nothing, certainly nothing compared to what every away fan at Salisbury could hear ...

Must. Let. It. Go.

Salibsury - sent out early for the second half with, presumably, a rollicking still ringing in their ears - were improved in the second half but, while both teams missed simple chances to score (Pac-Man with Maidenhead's clearest opportunity; getting it all wrong when attempting to replicate his delicate finish from the first half), Billy Lumley and Mark Nisbet were back and in excellent form for the Magpies, ensuring that Maidenhead looked reasonably solid and comfortably held out for a long-overdue win.

No doubt I'll get accused (as usual) of being 'anti Drax' and 'anti club', but it should be pointed out that while Maidenhead performed much better than they did at Weston, Weston were much better than Salisbury (and Truro). Indeed, before the MUFC Ltd forum was made register-to-view, let alone post (I haven't 'upgraded' as yet, and I'm not sure that I will, as it'll likely only lead to further unfounded accusations - via Private Message - from the Chairman), I read on there that Maidenhead's record against teams in the top half of the league is abysmal (which makes the 4-1 FA Cup win over Woking all-the-more remarkable), certainly when compared to the record against lower-half teams. Salibsury are now 17th (one place above Maidenhead). Weston are 9th. Enough said.

^^^ Mr Logic standing to attention

"McKendrick's 12 Days of Christmas", "Jingle Bells" and then a prolonged burst of "Johnson Hippolyte's Black and White Army" kept us warm(ish) and helped pass the time until the final whistle. Then, as Rainey and his bunch hot-footed it for the next available train, an improvised version of Sham 69's 'Hurry Up Harry' was given a début airing. Magical! 

Time, post-match, for some more photos, a quick drink in the clubhouse and a pat on the back for Bobby 'The Daddy' Behzadi, before our return taxi ride into town.

^^^ Maidenhead were on fire!

^^^ Nothing happened :-(

^^^ A framed MUFC Ltd away shirt?

^^^ "All I want for Christmas ... "

This driver laughed at us when we asked to be taken to a pub showing the Wigan vs Chelsea game (for Craig). We thought that he was exaggerating and we'd surely be able to find somewhere but, after decent-looking historic boozer with open fireplace after decent-looking historic boozer with open fireplace came and went - with none showing the football - we had to concede defeat and so enjoyed a round in the Queen's Arms of Elizabeth ("Salisbury's oldest licensed public house since 1558") ... which had Total Wipeout on the TV.

After a walk through the historic (and, I thought, Berwick-upon-Tweed-esque) streets of Salisbury city centre - past a beautifully-fronted Odeon cinema showing the latest Sherlock Holmes movie and not a lot else - then another drink back at the King's Head (where we were - just about - able to name the winners and hosts of every single World Cup and European Championship), we headed to the Shah Jahan, an Indian restaurant recommended to us by the most recent taxi driver.

Post meal (top notch, BTW) there was time to purchase a carry-out and then enjoy a quick drink (Smirnoff Ice all round!) in the Railway (which was better, albeit only slightly, than it's neighbour - the Cat Tavern - which we'd had the 'pleasure' of drinking in immediately after coming out of the station earlier in the day) before catching the 21:30 (give or take) train home. Cue a deliberately camp photo (for reasons that I now can't recall), a brief stop in a (thankfully) well-heated waiting room at Basingrad (complete with eye-catching wall decoration) and the KSG entering into the spirit of the season by gifting not one, but two, cans from the carry-out to thirsty train passengers, before arrival back in Maidenhead.

Salisbury City a top five away day? Well, I'm not sure there are five decent away days to be had in the Conference South, currently, but Salisbury is definitely one of the better ones. And winning, while not a deciding factor, certainly doesn't hurt!

^^^ (Ear) M. U. F. F.

P.S. Click here for SCFC match highlights and here for further reading

Mid-point of the season 'Drax Excuse Tally Chart' update

Maidenhead's 2-0 win at Salibsury last weekend was their 22nd league game of the season, so we're now into the season's second half. As such, it is time for a mid-point of the season 'Drax Excuse Tally Chart' update, which will help indicate the excuses reasons why we've performed so badly - in the league - thus far.

DISCLAIMER(S): I didn't start recording the excuses reasons until September - and have missed a few editions of the Advertiser since - so don't claim this report to be 100% complete. Or in any way scientific. I am, of course, also 'anti Drax' and 'anti club' - and haven't seen, for myself, many of these games - so Drax could be spot-on with his excuses reasons. Regardless, none of these quotes are made-up (by me, at least) ... 

Johnson Hippolyte, Maidenhead Advertiser, post MUFC 1-2 Truro City on Tuesday 20th September

"I don't want to sound like a manager who moans about referees but..."

"It was shocking. It was an absolute farce... The referee lost control of the game"

Johnson Hippolyte, Maidenhead Advertiser, post MUFC 1-1 Farnborough on Saturday 1st October

"I don't want to be one of these managers who is always moaning about referees but..."

"...he must have done something wrong"

Johnson Hippolyte, Maidenhead Advertiser, post MUFC 3-3 Bromley on Saturday 22nd October and Boreham Wood 1-0 MUFC on Monday 24th October

"I don't think we're playing too badly, the luck just isn't on our side at the moment"

Johnson Hippolyte, Maidenhead Advertiser, post signing new multi-year contract extension on Thursday 27th October

"It does get frustrating when you can't keep players because of the budget"

Johnson Hippolyte, Maidenhead Advertiser, post MUFC 1-4 Dover Athletic on Tuesday 8th November

"At 1-1 we were on top but then one refereeing decision changed the game"

Johnson Hippolyte, Maidenhead Advertiser, post MUFC 1-2 Staines Town on Tuesday 13th December

It was a disappointing defeat to take for Magpies boss Johnson Hippolyte, who thought his side were short changed by the referee.

"People talk about swings and roundabouts with decisions but we don’t seem to be getting any at the minute... Something has to be done about it because it costs club’s money and manger’s their jobs"

Johnson Hippolyte, Maidenhead Advertiser, post releasing Will Hendry (and pre re-signing Richard Pacquette) on Tuesday 13th December

"We just can’t compete financially"

Mid-point of the season 'Drax Excuse Tally Chart' update; 

Bad luck - 1
Injuries - 0
Referees - 4
Financial constraints - 2

So, there you have it. Referees are primarily responsible for our run of no league wins in three months.

Interesting that injuries don't seem to have been mentioned at all.

That said...

Johnson Hippolyte, Maidenhead Advertiser, post Salisbury City 0-2 MUFC on Saturday 17th December

"We are now injury free, and if we are to progress, long may that continue"


"I'm lucky that my Chairman knows his football"

"I set a budget at the start of the season and I haven't raised that budget. Keith Scott is working within it and the players who have come in are prepared to work within it as well.

"It's the vision of the club and the ambitions we have for it that they are buying into."

When Windsor FC was formed in the summer, Stott always said he wanted to stay away from a business model which saw one benefactor putting money in to ensure the club stayed afloat.

Self-sustainability has always been the long-term goal and the club has plans to install 3G astroturf pitches and a gym at Stag Meadow in the near future.

And Stott insists that is still very much the case. He said: "I always said I would fund the start up costs and that's what I'm going to do.

"But I don't have any grand designs to be the sugar daddy of a football club, that doesn't work.

"So if we're not given the go ahead to develop the ground and do what we want to do, I'm not going to be doing it again next season or the season after next.

"That doesn't mean we won't have a football club next year, we just won't have a budget that we could sustain in a higher division."

Windsor's founding director added: "But I would be gutted now if we don't manage to pull off what we're trying to do, I think it's a model for non-league football.

"We're trying to do something different, not repeat the same mistakes. We're on the road to self-sustainability.

"I don't want to be just another football club who had a dream, drew some pretty pictures but then saw nothing happen.

Is the last sentence a dig at a certain other Royal Borough-based football club, I wonder?!

Fair play to Stott; he at least says all the right things, and comes across well in the paper.

As they say, though, talk is cheap ... and the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Saturday 10 December 2011

"I don't like to talk about my charity work, mate"

Adopt a droning, Brian Clough-like accent, and repeat after me: "Great publiciteh for the cloob" ...

"He's Johnson Hippolyte, he does what he wants"

On-field ill-discipline, long win-less runs in the league and bullsh!t quotes in the Advertiser have all been characteristics of Johnson Hippolyte's tenure at York Road.

An obvious example of the latter this week when, on consecutive days, the following articles appeared:

"I've got some boys here that I love but we have to get the budget back down to where it should be" 

"We just can't compete financially so we have to try and see what we've already got"

"So we look in the reserves and in the youth team. We have to try and unearth another gem" 

'Maidenhead United FC have resigned striker Richard Pacquette'

"He had most of pre-season with us but we didn't have the money to sign him"

*wry smile*

Shortly after the Cup draw with Aldershot at York Road, the Chairman was quoted in the Advertiser as saying that the cash windfall might be spent on ground repairs or 'one or two other things'.

Seasoned Maidenhead fans - even those with below-average IQs - knew exactly what this meant.

As the song goes ...

Anyway, some selected comments from the 'Richard Pacquette leaves' thread on the HAYU forum:

'Released by the club today'

'I think this is the best for both parties'

'He must have been one the most expensive players we had in our squad. Perhaps this gives us some flexibility to attract some quality players'

'However [sic] are we going to cope'

Wednesday 23 November 2011

Away Day Diary: Aldershot Town 2-0 Maidenhead United (22/11/11)

Maidenhead United's 12th visit to the Wreck and, despite being housed at the uncovered end for our last visit (an unfortunate 2-1 defeat under John Dreyer in the 2004/05 FA Cup, with Jamie Cook scoring a cracker), plus the fact that I'd enjoyed three or four pints of Kronenbourg in the Crimea and the La Fontaine before kick-off, Steve H and I didn't need a sign to direct us to the away section on the East Bank. I was actually quite excited ...

A shame, then, that the match was something of an anti-climax, with Maidenhead well beaten, if not disgraced, on the night. Playing the rather cumbersome - and the unfit/ injured - Ashan Holgate, up front on his own, didn't help. Nor did picking Nevin Saroya - less than a week after telling him to go and get some game-time elsewhere - to replace Leigh Henry, whose other half had gone into labour. Neither was it a good idea to gift the low-on-confidence and below-average Division Four side two soft goals within the first 30 mins or so. The match was over as a contest before the break.

As such, it was 'make your own fun' time. So, after photos with MUFC Hall of Famer Andy Smith ("Who needs Cantona when we've got Andy Smith"), and a soon-to-be-hastily-discarded MUSA membership application form handed to me, the singing began in earnest.

Coincidentally, as our vocal cords loosened, so did Drax's attacking inhibitions: Super Manny Williams would make a belated appearance around the hour mark. Maidenhead, resplendent in their Farnborough-like away kit, had a couple of chances near the end - notably a well-saved Will Hendry free-kick - while Sam Beasant made some decent stops to keep the score-line respectable.

A large chunk of the songbook was reeled out (no thanks to "Thistle's number three"), with a fake goal celebration mingled with compositions both old:

  • "Soggy Sombrero" 
  • "Whitley Bay/Oh Logic pulled" 
  • "A group of blokes from Marlow went to Rome to see the Pope" 
  • "Olé! Der Super Maidenhead" 

And new:

  • "Are you Rasher in a wig" (to a steward with a full head of hair, pestering the youth)
  • "How shit must you be, Weston/ Dover/ Eastleigh/ Sutton/ Welling/ Dorchester/ Tonbridge scored four?!"
  • "You're going to Hillsborough. You're going to Hillsborough. We're not. We're not"
  • "We're going Southern League!" 

Indeed Macleod (M) was, in the end, left to rue only two missed songs:

  • "Bring on the Tottenham and the Arsenal ... " 
  • "He's Johnson Hippolyte - he does what he wants!" 

A prolonged, thunderous rendition of "Black and White Army," as time wound down, preceded a passionate burst of "We love you Maidenhead, we do," at the final whistle and drowned out the annoying Aldershot drum. A steward (who had been smiling throughout the second half ... and joining in with some of the singing?!) remarked to me on exit - using language that Cloughie would disapprove of ... if it were us using it, rather than someone whom the MUSA secretary had given a lift - that we were, in his experience, the "funniest ... and most musical supporters we've had here". Eh?!

A couple of posts on ShotsTalk, however, provide the best summaries:

"2,181......with 261 from Maidenhead......their team may not have shown up - but at least they have - fair play" 

"Fair play to the 261 Magpies fans who came last night...they did their best to make the atmosphere and did their team proud with their singing - especially the last 15 - 20 minutes"

This FA Cup run is done and dusted, then. The dream is over. Hillsborough will have to wait ... for at least another 140 years, if Maidenhead's FA Cup record is anything to go by!). However, Drax and the players deserve credit for the Woking win and the home draw with Aldershot. Respect, too, for those supporters who endured the arduous (!) midweek trip to Hampshire and made themselves heard throughout the game. Here's hoping that we spend the Cup windfall wisely ...

Anyway, time to concentrate on the Trophy ...

We're playing Billericay Town at Fortress York Road this coming Saturday, and they're top of the Ryman Premier after a 5-0 win at H*rsham

The League, then ...

W0 D2 L8 in our last ten games. Two points from a possible 30.

The Berks & Bucks?!

Abingdon United are gonna get a beat down! :-)


Sunday 20 November 2011

Lucky there's a Family Club...

Is foul language from blokes who have smuggled in beer

But where are those joyless regulations
Which the Yes Men all love?

Lucky there's a Family Club!

Lucky there's a club where, the players never ever swear
And you will get a flyer from a Honey Pot scrub





Away Day Diary: Weston-super-Mare 4-2 Maidenhead United (19/11/11)

It was an early start for Macleod (M), Scouse Mick and I, but at least we would be in Weston-super-Mare in good time to watch the early games on TV (Leeds @ Burnley and Arsenal @ Norwich). Those on the 11:30 from Bristol Temple Meads to Aberdeen are probably still travelling!

The MUFC Ltd forum has been half decent, of late, if only because there has been some debate as to the future direction of the club. It's still a case, though, of 'silence speaks louder than words'. Some contributors only post to list the winning 49 Club numbers. Or to bite after tongue-in-cheek comments re their Reading FC supporting, cricket-loving cyber friends (nothing against cricket-lovers, generally, BTW):

The self-styled Spin Doctor wasn't at yesterday's game. I think he might have been working. Does everyone spot the unintentional irony? Good.

I passed some time on the train journey by responding to Stevie G (who doesn't like to mention that he's a Director of Maidenhead United, honest!). But my subsequent post (which featured nothing but an Echo & The Bunnymen lyric about 'killing time') was removed without explanation.

Censorship on the MUFC Ltd forum is alive and kicking: only the other week, a post - on a thread about celebrity fans - was removed because it contained the phrase 'ginger tosser' in the context of describing the actor Matthew Cottle, a regular (at least in the past) at York Road and most famous for playing Martin Henson (repeatedly referred to as a 'ginger tosser') in the 90s sitcom Game On.

When you bear in mind the lies that have been written about us in the past (in letters from the club signed by Mark Steward; MUSA committee meeting minutes deliberately misconstrued by Cloughie; false accusations of inappropriate chanting at Cinderford on The Educated Left Foot), it is truly pathetic that trivial comments like that get removed. Not unlike our defeat at home to Humpton last Tuesday night - and Drax's multi-year contract extensions - it is, however, entirely predictable.

^^^ Anyway, to The Tavern Inn The Town and Mick was on the shorts before midday! Sadly, those conspicuous by their absence included Jonny Wah Wah (still in Manchester, following a Motörhead gig the night before) or Seanwsm (whom Murdo wanted to buy a pint and watch the Leeds game with).

^^^ We insisted the steward check the flag bag. He was happy. However, I still expect a letter from MUFC Ltd. Jokes aside, the Weston stewards (especially the one who looked through the bag at our request) were top-notch. In stark contrast, of course, to those at Ebbsfleet United.

^^^ This blatant breach of ground regulation will surely not go unpunished. Nb. one of the many MUFC Ltd coaches, in the background, doing his thing.

Shortly after taking this photo, we went into the bar, and the Swansea City-supporting barman informed Macleod (M) that Leeds had won 2-1. They'd been one down when we had left the pub and caught a taxi to the ground (a quick pick-up and cheap ride, so use Arc Taxis when in Weston). We were joined, pre-kick-off, by Les and then Logic before heading outside to discover that the Magpies were shooting towards the decent stand in the first half. :-(

^^^ There was plenty of what the EUFC stewards would deem 'foul and abusive language' from both the home and away support. The MUSA secretary (who wasn't wearing a club tie and suit this weekendsat to the side and said nothing. Clearly, swearing is OK for the people he drives to the games. Just not for us (even, or especially, when we deny swearing in the first place). IMO, he is a weaselly, sanctimonious Yes Man.

^^^ On a previous visit to Weston, Macleod (M) and the aforementioned Seanwsm had a 'coming together'. The stewards on that occasion ordered us to "get back in your own end". As such, we assume that this half of the decent stand is the away end, so we put up the flags there at half-time even though Maidenhead were shooting the other way.

"Maidenhead, give us a song!" we chanted as the travelling Magpie hordes stood down the other end in the second half. We could barely hear their response. Les would later claim that they couldn't hear us. Drax obviously could. He waved at us when we sang "Johnson, give us a wave". I think Drax is a good manager. Honest!

^^^ Above is MUFC's legendary kit man, Jon Urry. He used to be the physio. We greeted him, as usual, with a burst of "Jon Urry! Jon Urry! Rub your hands all over my body". He couldn't doff his cap - as is the norm - as he had his hands occupied. Never mind. I like Jon Urry.

In the top left of this photo, you can (just about) see some of the track-suited Weston-super-Mare youngsters. The U12s obviously didn't have a game. So, as happened at Chertsea Town, they were nominated cheerleaders for the day. One of them had a haircut like Jimmy Saville, and - after we had pointed this out in a chant - his teammates all laughed (with him, not at him, I'm sure). We also chanted "Cloughie's gonna get ya" when they swore. Unsurprisingly, the MUSA secretary didn't say anything. As aforementioned, he's clearly only anti-swearing when it's us (allegedly) doing it.

^^^ The Magpies wore their new yellow and blue away kit. "Are we Farnborough in disguise?" and "Come on you Reds!" bellowed those in the designated away end.

The game was rubbish. I honestly don't remember Conference South football generally - and MUFC Ltd specifically - being this bad. Maybe I've just forgotten. Weston took the lead with a free header at the back post. The next minute, I was reading the team sheet - as I didn't believe that the MUFC Ltd number 8, so hopelessly off-the-pace, was Bradley Quamina - and so missed the home side doubling their lead.

I was kindly keeping those who weren't at the game - because they had better things to do (lucky them) - updated via the forum (I haven't properly worked out how to use Tw@tter yet). And when Marc McGregor came on, after SuperManny (who doesn't seem to be quite so Super these days) halved the deficit, I posted that he always scores against us (although I might have been getting him confused with Mark McKeever ... TBF, there are lots of players who make a habit of scoring against Maidenhead!). Anyway, McGregor scored with another unopposed header from a free kick within minutes of my post. The Maidenhead defence just stood and watched. 

Marcus Rose had needlessly given the free kick away, and overall, he had a shocker of a game. Countless times, he hoofed the ball aimlessly forward instead of playing a simple sideways pass to stand-in captain Bobby Behzadi at right-back. I refuse to believe Rose is better than the recently released Andrew Fagan. Alex Wall was off-the-pace like Quamina, whilst Max Worsfold's delivery from set-pieces was poor.

Indeed, IMO, the only plus points were the tireless Behzadi (who acknowledged us in the bar afterwards; he definitely is 'The Daddy') and a superb strike from substitute and debutant Paul Semakula (who hasn't been at the club long enough to realise that the KSG are personae non gratae) to bring the score back to 3-2. Unfortunately for Maidenhead, Ryan Northmore doesn't play in goal for Weston any more, so we weren't gifted a way back into the match. Indeed, Weston scored the game's best goal in injury time, making the score-line fair.

Maidenhead had looked better when ex-Seagull Ashan Holgate and the personification of a family club ("we are a family club, sponsored by lap dancers") came on - hitting the post and having a couple of goalmouth scrambles - but, despite stating in the Advertiser that he was going to play his strongest team and that all the focus was on Weston (rather than Aldershot), Drax had picked a weakened line-up. And it appeared as if the player's minds were elsewhere.

They weren't the only ones. "We're going to Hillsborough, we're going to Hillsborough. You're not, you're not!" we chanted, with our tongues firmly in cheek. At the end, the Weston PA announcer also wished us luck for Tuesday's replay at Aldershot. I don't think he was taking the piss, although he might have been. I would have put my mortgage on us losing against Humpton and Weston, but I won't be surprised if we somehow got past Aldershot. (I predict an improved performance and gallant defeat.) This ties in with another Drax comment in the Advertiser: that the players are being unprofessional in seemingly only raising their game for Woking, Aldershot and the like. And here's me, led to believe that we are more professional under Drax ...

Another prediction. After exiting the FA Cup and the Trophy in the next two games, we'll increase the budget and see an influx of new players. We will continue to struggle but finish outside of the relegation places (not that finishing in the relegation places guarantees relegation, anyway), and some will laud this as another 'great achievement' and give Drax another multi-year contract extension. 

Death, taxes and needless contract extensions.

If witnessing Maidenhead's 8th defeat in ten games (two points from a possible 30) wasn't bad enough, I was to discover in the bar after the game that the Gas had lost 2-0 at home to Barnet (with Murdo's long-lost cousin, Izale, getting the Bees' first goal). Rovers are another club with an inept and out-of-touch Board. Despite Arsenal's earlier win, it was 'drown your sorrows' time (not that we need an excuse). So, after another efficient job by Arc Taxis, we started a pub crawl at the recently refurbished (?) Old Colonial, on the seafront.

The crawl included the bars of several decent-looking seafront hotels (The York being the pick of the bunch), an empty gay(?) club called Eternity, rejection at the pier entrance (Mick wanted to go on, but they shut the gates to the public at half six), another visit to the Tavern Inn the Town (where I played air guitar like the great Nigel Tufnel) and then a mad dash - via Tescos and a hastily-purchased carry-out - for the last train home.

The train ride was entertaining: we shared our drinks with a group of buxom wives en route to Swindon for a night out and some posh lads from Wood End who had spent the day drinking in Bath for no reason. One of the lads resembled a bearded Elijah Wood. He pointed out that Macleod (M) looks like Russ Abbott. I laughed so hard I almost cried.

Laughter and tears - synonymous with the MUFC Ltd performance and the day in general. We should stay over in Weston next time. Macleod (M), Mick and I agreed that we would (but then we've said that before). Odds on us playing there midweek next season (or that we get relegated)?

The way things are going at the moment ...

Hey ho.