"As for Maidenhead, the conga (which was amusing) aside, quite a strange bunch really – some the oddest chants I've ever heard at a football match" ~ localboy86, Amber Planet forum, 26th April 2015

Tuesday 31 March 2015

BCA ~ Boisterous Chorus of Approval

The phrase 'they're running out of our ideas' has been oft used by the KSG, in recent years, while I've long thought it of paramount importance that we engage in a PASE scheme or something similar. 

Indeed, a Maidenhead United FC Academy Team competing in the PLFL U19 Development League is quite possibly my favourite development of the Pharmabank era; right up there with the building of a new stand (which, admittedly, I doubted we'd ever see) and above the increasing likelihood of our continually-underachieving manager finally being Draxed.

You and me both, PG, you and me both.

Top job.

Friday 13 March 2015

Can you tell what it is yet?

Underlying problem, eh?

Yeah, there must be.

Surely everyone – even CWKHF – now recognises the common denominator.

(And no, I'm not blaming Rolf for our poor form.)

P.S. Anyone else heard the 'Return of the Dev' rumour? Not sure how I'd feel about that; big fan of his, obviously, but they do say 'What is past is past. Never go back' ... at the end of the day ;-)

Monday 9 March 2015

Stripes is the pits

Went to York Road at the weekend; my first home game of the calendar year. Enjoyed the day, albeit the football was as bad as the score line was predictable (Craig actually mentioned it had ‘0-0 written all over it’, just minutes before Boreham Wood scored). 

CBA to write anything about the game, on here, in addition to my post on the Conference South forum. I will, however, comment on my visit to Stripes at HT. Thumbs up re the Roasted Nuts; lovely drop and about time the fans had something decent to drink in there. Disappointed not to have spotted the ‘Thank You’ certificate from Parkinson’s UK, though, and had to laugh at the following ...

^^^ 543 league games for Maidenhead United (more than anyone else), over an 11 year period, and at least one person couldn’t get this name right!

^^^ Correct spelling, as per the (still jumbled) Hall of Fame.

^^^ ‘How long do you give it?’ I asked, rhetorically, three years ago (when the above photo was taken). TBF, it lasted (much) longer than I thought it would! Seriously, though, we raised more than £1200 – and generated good publiciteh for the cloob – so I would think it right and proper if the certificate made a reappearance.