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Saturday 29 September 2012

"I'm a W@nky season ticket holder, so you should be grateful I'm coming to patronise you ... "

October is very nearly upon us. As is the third annual 'non league day', due to take place on the 13th (Maidenhead United vs Weston-super-Mare). Non league day actually came up in email conversation, earlier this week, when someone - who, unlike me, has access to the MUFC Ltd forum - sent a screenshot of a recent thread. 

Background: a couple of weeks ago a W@nky Wanderers season ticket holder had seemingly posted on the forum to say that he had, last season, visited York Road "8 or 9 times and paid the concession rate upon production of my Wwfc season ticket". 

"At the Farnboro game this was queried although l still got in at the concession rate. I was told to speak to a bloke called Mark who said reduced admission wasn't a regular thing. Mark said he would bring it up at a meeting last week and post the reply on the forum"

As replies from various posters discussed the pros and cons of season ticket holders of other clubs getting discounted entry, a response from the Spin Doctor clarified the official line ... 

"The club have never offered concessions to other club's season ticket holders apart from one off promotions such as non league day which the club will again be taking part in - details to follow at the weekend" 

Fast forward to the aforementioned screenshot ... 

The accompanying email conversation with my 'spy' went as per below. It ended with him stating "another blog post is complete". Why not, I thought, why not ... 

SPY - 

"I'm a W@nky season ticker holder, so you should be grateful I'm coming to patronise you ... "



Although ... 

Perhaps he needs to work on how to get his point(s) across - which, coming from me, is #potkettleblack - but his general one is, methinks, valid enough. 

SPY - 

It is and it isn't. 

If his point is that he doesn't think watching MUFC is worth a tenner, he's right. That is exclusive of his ST status at another club who, *if* I were an MUFC ST holder, would laugh in my face when I told them I wanted half price entry. 

Yes WWFC are bigger than MUFC, but they also still need all the support they can get. 

What's the difference? 


Well a number of lower league clubs - maybe W@nky, I don't know - run incentives whereby ST holders of other (usually higher) league clubs can get in at reduced rates. 

His point is, I think, that MUFC Ltd and clubs like them cannot have it both ways - his reference here to the rather patronising Non League Day is apt. 

I don't like the attitude of W@nky and Reading fans thinking we owe them some sort of gratitude - and, in my experience, several of them do - but I don't see anything wrong in offering ST holders of these clubs discounted entry if we are genuinely interested in increasing attendances. 

Perhaps more pertinently, Maidenhead seemingly doing this ... then not doing this ... then denying they were ever doing this ... then considering doing this ... sums the club up rather nicely! 

#arsefromelbow, #noddy


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