"As for Maidenhead, the conga (which was amusing) aside, quite a strange bunch really – some the oddest chants I've ever heard at a football match" ~ localboy86, Amber Planet forum, 26th April 2015

Sunday 24 June 2012

"It can be very easy for a club to lose it's identity"

Decent write-up from Ground Hopper concerning Magpies legend Sir Barry Rake's appointment as Holyport Reserve team manager. Maidenhead United Youth and Reserve teams now have a rival as the premier provider for the Villagers first XI!

completely agree that it can be very easy for a club to lose it's identity. That said, though, any praise (indirect or otherwise) of Holyport FC, in this regard, should perhaps be tempered by the fact that the "tidy little place" they now call home is about four miles or so outside of Holyport! IMO, sooner rather than later, the Port should alter their name, at least to incorporate 'Maidenhead'.

North Maidenhead & Holyport, perhaps? Or, as we've been calling them for a year or two now, Maidenhead North End?

Maybe they can also get around to changing the team colours, while they're at it, as those burgundy shirts with green shorts are an appalling combination. May I suggest black and white striped shirts, black shorts, and red socks? ;-)

As for MUFC Ltd's own loss of identity, I note with sadness that the original York Road mural is no more (at least in it's entirety); the paint and the brick wall itself finally succumbing to the elements. When it became obvious that the end was near, I was one of those who suggested that a replacement be painted at the other end. It was. Perhaps unsurprisingly, however, the new one is rather unimaginative in comparison. And it largely features a colour synonymous with our oldest rivals! Sign o' the times.

Club Shop Guy's York Road photos on the Mothership also show that 'MAIDENHEAD UTD FC' has been painted onto the Bell End, an idea that Macleod (M) mentioned to me, if no one else, some years ago. Putting myself at risk of further "anti-club" jibes - and while not wishing to disparage the hard work put in by those responsible - I think it is an idea that was better in imagination, than in reality. Perhaps it will grow on me...

Anyway, what next? Large advertising tarpaulins/signage atop the covered car park, visible to thousands of passing train passengers per day... A newly-tarmacked and re-seated Railway-side Stand... Terracing down the bottle-neck... Turnstiles at the Canal End, allowing for more effective segregation... Non-MUSA money spent on ground improvements...

Here's hoping.

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Magpies sign world-beater

MUFC Ltd had the worst disciplinary record in the Conference South last season: 107 yellow cards, 9 red cards, 2 reports and 526 points. Staines Town were, apparently, a distant second (484 points).

The Board's 'bit of a debrief', following relegation, contained the following line:

"There was unanimity that ill-discipline and lack of fitness had cost the Club dear"

Derek Duncan - a left-sided player formerly of W@nky Wanderers and, most recently, champions Woking - is one.

The other is David Pratt; a striker from Basingstoke Town.

Pratt's claim to fame?


Why don't we re-sign Luke Evans, Jamie Jarvis, and Craig O'Connor, while we're at it?! 


In all seriousness, anyone fancy a wager as to whether our 'hard-working' new striker will score more than centre-half Vernon Pratt did, when he top scored - with, I think, 11 goals - in the 1994/95 season?