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Monday 17 March 2014

Drax Excuse Bingo (again)

I've long suspected that Drax is in on the joke.

Proof, last week, that the Advertiser is too?

We were also informed 'Griffin encouraged by FA's stance on 3G pitches':

'Long-time advocate', eh?

Define 'long-time' … and please explain how the 'it comes down to when are the FA going to allow us' comment is relevant, bearing in mind that others (Durham, Maidstone, Merthyr) already have one??

(In all seriousness, click here for further reading on this intriguing topic)

I initially misread the above article's final sentence, incidentally, as follows:

Laying down a new artificial pitch, Griffin said, is a phase of Maidenhead United's second five-year plan.

An easy mistake to make, of course, as the current five-year plan isn't the first.

I seem to recall Educated Left Foot revealing an outline of the previous one, following a meeting he'd had with PG, shortly after Pharmalink assumed control of the club back in 2006.

Has anyone got a transcript? (Club Shop Guy?)

I would (genuinely) be interested to see how that one panned out …

PS. Someone recently asked me - with a smile, perhaps understandably, etched upon their face - why I had yet to comment, on the blog, re. the Railway side Stand coming down. Seeing the photos, earlier in the month, actually evoked in me a tinge of nostalgia and prompted the following Tweet:

As it is, this post - from July 2012 - still stands (pun intended).

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