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Thursday 9 August 2012

If it seems too good to be true ...

An interesting thread on the Conf South forum, following Eastleigh's capture of Barnet's ever-present captain from last season (to go with Dale Binns, Moses Ademola, and other obviously expensive summer signings).

Some selected comments: 

They've probably joined Eastleigh for the opportunity to play in front of 200 fans and a spitfire covered in Christmas lights Dave the bounty hunter

You keep on joking but surely you must have some serious concerns for the long term despite the obvious short term improvements in your team? FC83

"Won't happen to us", "Just enjoying the ride", "Just a fan, what can I do about it" etc etc etc. Taz (SUFC)

"These investors are different", "they care about the club", etc etc FC83

Whatever would an Oxfordshire based Insurance Company possibly want here? Wonder if they can afford the ground improvements required Kingfield Ender 

From what little I know through living in the area, Bridle want to sell the land the existing ground is on, and move to another 'purpose built' (Never got that description - surely everything is built for a purpose!) stadium in Eastleigh, where they'll be circa 50 seats for every fan. Simon Lynch 

How can they sell the land they dont own it Loud EFC 

It would cost a lot of money to upgrade it and I can't see Bridle doing that. If the ground was in place I could see the point of the spending. Kingfield Ender 

Eastleigh have never done anything to suggest that local people will get behind them and are far too close to Southampton to ever have any potential. Land can be the only motivation. Dave the bounty hunter

Ring any bells?

^^^ Les, me, and Macleod (C) during one of the dullest games of football that I've ever had the misfortune to witness: a 0-0 draw, at Eastleigh, in February 2009. We were stone cold sober, at this game, which didn't help! Seats added to 'behind-the-goal' standing areas at non-league football grounds? Great idea! Not.

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