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Saturday 21 July 2012

Mates over youth

Ground Hopper shouldn’t be surprised –

Good to see @therealdrax back, after a few weeks of inactivity –

Meanwhile, the winner of this year’s “Pacquette is just training with us, we can’t afford him” sweepstakes is the individual with ‘Thursday 19th July’. 

Expect Costa Pac-Man to sign in December, if not before.


Chris R said...

Surely you do not really believe that Costa will play for us this season. And you can be assured Drax in no way acts as his agent.
Anyway which AwaY Day Specials do you fancy this season I will start with Bath on tuesday shame as would have liked weekend away and will go to Eastbourne might take scenic route from Windsor and you can get cheap singles form Feltham to keep cost down.

Lenny Baryea said...

Drax said we couldn't/wouldn't sign Pacquette last summer, yet he still ended up making appearances for us during the subsequent season (albeit not many).

I'm not (and never have) suggested Drax is Pacquette's agent. Why should we be doing him a favour, though? Training with us is one thing, but actually playing him in pre season games if we're not going to sign him? A joke.

Gutted Bath is on a Tuesday night. Never been a fan of Eastbourne, although the cheap singles option does intrigue. Otherwise, will make do with usual jaunts to Weston, Dorchester etc. I've also earmarked Tonbridge as this season's Jolly Boys Outing, a la Dartford in March 2011.

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