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Tuesday 30 August 2011

Shagging for the Magpies!

In a neat turn of phrase from the old Shagging Magpies fanzine, we noticed this interesting initiative from Spanish top flight side, Getafe CF: 

The club, who are likely to forever live in the shadow of Real and Atletico Madrid, have suggested that the obvious way of increasing their fan base is to get reproducing more of them!

"There's a problem: there aren't many of us."

Maidenhead United is rightly proud of the fact that attendances have been rising, although they're still pitifully low for the size of the town and tradition of the club.

So. There you have it. Get at it...

GMOSC actually suggested this highly unusual supporter initiative to the club. However, rumours that this is just a load of old toss were strenuously denied by club officials. One, who asked to remain unnamed but who looked suspiciously like former snooker star Willie Thorne, even whispered that there were enough w@nkers at the club already.

GMOSC, in turn, refused to comment on this allegation...

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Lenny Baryea said...

"If the campaign is successful, we'll have to build a bigger stadium"


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