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Friday 8 October 2010

Cinderford Town vs Arsenal, FA Cup 3rd Round Proper ...

... apparently it's when, not if! 

Seriously, some interesting and rather refreshing comments from the Cinderford Town manager in the local paper ahead of tomorrow's game. 

If the locals - famous sons of Cinderford, incidentally, include Sir Jimmy Young CBE and several members of EMF - are half as apathetic about their football team as Maidonians are about theirs, though, then one suspects his words will be falling on deaf ears.

"The players and myself have had a year of pressure in trying to turn the club around," he said.

"We're making progress but the pressure is now on the supporters to turn up and support us for a massive game.

"It's our semi-final and the next round when we can reach the holy grail of the first round proper is the final, and we need the support to cheer us on.

"We've shown the crowd we've currently got our good football and our improvement, but now the roles are reversed.

"I want to hear some volume, see some celebrations and I want to see what the town has got when it comes to supporting it's club.

"The pressure is on them as there is no pressure on the team as we're the underdogs and if they can't turn up now, don't bother turning up when it's Arsenal in the third round."


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